48 Students In a Classroom?

Eight years of my life I had the honor of teaching at a middle and high school level. I say honor because these are the leaders of our future and I’ve been priviliged to impact this future. My wife is still a teacher today and I found it quite disturbing to learn about the cuts that are affecting our schools today. These cuts are creating a ripple effect that we will all feel very soon. I was just speaking with my wife and she shared that one of her classrooms will have 48 students in ONE class. Interestingly enough, the classroom only holds enough seats for 36. Regardless of how they pull off the room for these students, the effect of having these many bodies in one classroom will affect every student’s education. There can not possibly be as much personalized attention, resources will be scarce, and the results of all this… our society will suffer the consequences.

I encourage you to take a look at the video below and learn about what is happening in our California schools right now and help make a difference.

Take action, visit www.heroesweneed.com and click on become a hero to make a difference. Please don’t put this off, do it right now.


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