World Freedom Train – Harmonizing Humanity

Here is a man whose cause has touched my heart and I trust he will do the same for you. Bob Wolfe, is the man who back in the mid 80’s coordinated the entire world to come together for about 7 minutes. This phenomenal event was possible through having radio stations around the world play “We are the world” at the same time. For one moment in time the entire world came together as one. What a powerful event (many of whom I share this story with tell me they remember that moment), as do I.

Why am I telling you this? Simply because he is back and taking that vision to the next level. I want you to invite you to learn about it for yourself.

Press here to view a minute video sharing the event and how you can help make a difference.

I trust your heart will be touched and you will contribute in the way that is most appropriate for you.

Blessings and create an amazing and loving day.


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